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Portpack UK Limited produce a variant of the standard machine for handling non-free flowing products, which could be powdery, flakey or cereals, salt, some fertilisers, meals and irregular shaped products. The Belt-Fed weighers which extract the products from the feed hopper above onto a two speed belt feeder which is then controlled by feed gates into the weighpan. This is a slower process than the gravity weighing by virtue of the extra control of the material.

A PP1000 Belt-Fed would have two weighers each discharging 8 bags per minute onto a single stitching line given a total discharge rate of 16 x 50Kg bags per minute for each machine. This equates to an output of 48 m.t.p.h. A PP2000 Belt-Fed would have two lines compared to the single line on the PP1000 so the total discharge is double. This equates to 16 x 50Kg bags per minute for each of the stitching lines which is 96 m.t.p.h. for each machine.

There are electronic vibrators fitted to the inlet hoppers feeding the weighers and also pneumatic vibrators to each of the weighpans, that prevent any build-up and allow the product to flow more freely during the discharge operations.

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