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The model PP2000 range has two bagging lines as compared to the single line on the PP1000. The output of each line is identical to that described for the PP1000 but the overall output is doubled e.g. 24 x 50Kg bags per minute per line = 72 m.t.p.h. x 2 = 144 m.t.p.h. per unit. The PP2000 machine has a bagging line feeding out of each end so that two trucks can be loaded at the same time.

The PP2000 can be supplied in the following configuration. Electro Pneumatic Lever System. Standard machine is electro-pneumatic 5:1 ratio balance system with pro-weights and Siemens PLC control. Electronic Machines. Can be supplied with twin loadcell weighers and CSX microprocessor self optimising controllers. The controller also provides an automatic self optimising control to ensure all weights are maintained to the set range .An optional extra which allows for printouts of all transactions, accuracy and keep an inventory of all transactions handled can be provided.

Fixed Plant
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