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The model PP1000 range has a single, stitching / sealing line capable of a maximum speed of 24 x 50Kg bags per minute which equates to 72 m.t.p.h.
The bagging line is fed by two weighers alternatively discharging into the bag held on the gripper below.

Electro Pneumatic Lever System. The standard machine is electro-pneumatic 5:1 ratio balance system with pro-weights and Siemens PLC control. Electronic Machines. Our electronic machine has twin loadcell weighers and CSX microprocessor self optimising controllers. The controller provides an automatic self optimising control to ensure all weights are maintained to the set range. An optional extra which allows for printouts of all transactions, accuracy and keep an inventory of all transactions handled can be provided.

Both these type of machines are designed to handle free flowing granular material e.g. food grains, wheat, barley, soya (free flowing) rice, sugar and fertilisers.

Fixed Plant
PP1000   PP1000 PP1000